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Taste WANA is a boutique Destination Management Company (DMC) and Advocacy Platform specialising in premium, bespoke, and intimate private and small shared tour experiences across West Asia and North Africa (WANA), and the Mediterranean. Tailored for discerning travellers seeking distinctive, immersive, turnkey experiences, we venture off the beaten path to unveil hidden gems and authentic cultural encounters.

Passionate about responsible tourism, we champion sustainable practices, cultural preservation, and community engagement in every itinerary we craft. From culinary and cultural immersion trips to uncharted territories, VIP special interest trips, media tours, wellness escapes, pre-nuptials, and bespoke corporate travel itineraries for unconventional conferences, incentive trips, and customer reward programs, we meticulously manage every detail for a seamless, one-of-a-kind, unforgettable journey.

Batroun Jammal

How our journey began

Established in 2009 by Lebanese-American chef, presenter, and bestselling cookbook author Bethany Kehdy, Taste Lebanon boldly pioneered the promotion of Lebanon as a must-visit tourist destination. At the time, information and resources about the country beyond war rhetoric were scarce, and the tourism landscape raw. Locals, often affected by the enduring trauma of the civil war, frequently discouraged senseless venturing outside familiar areas or exploring ‘other’ regions, finding themselves—albeit temporarily—prisoners of their own perceptions.

Already a seasoned Lebanon road-tripper, thanks to her father’s dynamic weekend excursions in search of all manner of things, Bethany explored lesser-travelled nooks and crannies, and saw and experienced for herself the thrilling beauty and universal hospitality of her people. Fuelled by a deep love for Lebanon and an unjaded vision of its potential, she embarked on a mission to challenge misconceptions, alleviate travel fears, and debunk lazy clichés. Catering to each individual’s appetite, guests experienced places even locals might not know- let alone the guidebooks.

Gaining a reputation for its exclusive, intimate, and enriching explorations, Taste Lebanon quickly became a trusted name, inspiring many to visit this enigmatic country. Some even chose to relocate to Lebanon permanently afterward. Naturally!

Filming in Baalbek ruins

Growing expertise

Bethany’s expanding expertise as a passionate ambassador for her country has cultivated collaborations with the Lebanese Board of Tourism, leading press trips with global publications like The New York TimesFood and Travel, Afar, to name but a few. Bethany has also assembled and directed the production team that crafted the first viral YouTube tourism video for the country in 2012. 

Additionally, Bethany has worked with foreign broadcasters, restaurateurs, chefs, photographers, journalists, diplomats, embassies and research and development teams to curate unique itineraries tailored to their respective R&D programs. We have also fixed, facilitated approvals for special locales and appeared on several TV programmes and F&T guides internationally, including Attaché and VTM’s Sergio & Axel Libanon episode

Travel can be a spiritual act, a journey of learning and un-learning, and a political act. We like to call this kind of travel 'Transcendent Travel', believing it stands as a beacon of hope for fostering steadfast peace. We are honoured for the opportunity to contribute to our world in this way.
Bethany Kehdy — Founder

Evolving into Taste WANA

Fifteen years and counting, we have grown into our second chapter, evolving into Taste WANA. With this natural progression, we expand our horizons beyond Lebanon’s borders, eager to showcase and contribute to the positive transformation of the diverse and lesser-known wonders of West Asia and North Africa (WANA).

While our commitment to delivering exceptional culinary and cultural experiences in Lebanon remains unwavering, Taste WANA represents our broader vision, expertise and access in exploring and celebrating the entire WANA region. With decades of experience and a deep and local understanding of the cultural commonalities, nuances, and diverse landscapes of the region, we bring a proprietary format that offers a unique and rooted perspective to travel exploration in the region. In addition to our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, we offer the convenience of booking entire trips through us. Our awe-inspiring odysseys packages, for example, encompass all activities and experiences specifically tailored to your taste, along with food and beverage, accommodations, and transport, excluding flights. Furthermore, we provide personalised recommendations for top boutique heritage hotels and bed and breakfasts, ensuring a memorable and immersive journey.


Coined over a century ago, by European colonial powers, the term ‘Middle East’ is geographically ambiguous as it considers the region ‘east’ from the perspective of Europe rather than being factually presented as West Asia. WANA is a definition of the region not rooted in political geography but rather on objective cardinal and geographical markers and historical human geography.

The bridging of West Asia and North Africa reflects the significant development patterns, the geopolitical interdependencies, the legacies of the various historical empires to have left their mark on the region and the resulting shared yet diverse heritage. As a result, the use of “WANA” as an acronym is becoming increasingly common in various contexts, including academic research, geopolitical analysis, business development, and more.

Our mission is to reveal the authentic and dynamic narratives surrounding our lands and cultures, with the hope to dismantle harmful stereotypes and false perceptions.
We aim to enrich lives and unite communities through mindful, authentic, and one-of-a-kind travel experiences.
Our purpose is to craft unforgettable memories for our guests by honouring and preserving the cultural diversity of each destination.
We offer invaluable experiences that leave lasting footprints on themselves, us, and humanity as a whole—insights, connections, and perspectives that transcend monetary value and enrich lives in profound ways.

Taste WANA's Ambassadors

Taste WANA offers guided experiences led by passionate guides who are experts in local history, politics, and culture. Each guide brings a unique perspective to their tours, with interests ranging from arts to architecture. All guides are fluent in English and Arabic, with some understanding additional languages.
Raffi Armenian Guide

Why Travel with us

Our quest is to go above and beyond to give you unforgettable experiences

Our assurance to you

Indigeneous Expertise

 As indigenous inhabitants of the WANA region, we offer authentic, respectful experiences deeply rooted in local culture and heritage.

Bespoke Experiences

We specialise in intimate, bespoke tours, crafting off-the-beaten-path adventures tailored to your unique preferences—culinary, cultural, adventure, and more!.

Advocacy, Education & Sustainability

We advocate responsible tourism, prioritising cultural preservation, environmental sustainability, and community engagement to foster appreciation for WANA's heritage and beauty.

Passion for Exploration

We go beyond travel, sharing WANA's beauty and diversity passionately. Our love for exploration drives us to craft enriching, memorable journeys..

Turnkey Convenience

We handle trip booking, accommodations, transportation, and offer personalised boutique hotel recommendations to ensure convenience and a stress-free journey.

The TW Standard

We uphold high standards, immersing you in each locale's rich heritage through curated experiences, accommodations, and dining.

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