By Bethany Kehdy in Informative

May 21, 2024

Rest assured, we are committed to addressing all your questions and concerns with complete honesty and transparency. Although we refrain from operating tours in active war zones, we do conduct tours in countries that may occasionally receive high alert indications. Despite such warnings, our destinations are indeed safe; otherwise, we would not offer tours to them. However, there have been instances where we’ve had to cease activity due to safety concerns. Safety is of utmost importance to us, and we take it extremely seriously. With that in mind, we also recognise the inherent bias, politicisation, and form of sanctioning often associated with these travel advisories.

As a straightforward example of this safety bias, if the United States were to apply its own safety guidelines to its travel advisory, it would need to acknowledge the high risk of violent crime or advise against all but essential travel on New York’s subway system, for instance. In fact, the risk of gun violence (our founder has faced two incidents in the USA as a tourist) is higher when visiting the US compared to the countries we feature.

This stark comparison underscores the complexities inherent in assessing safety across different regions. Despite such challenges, we remain committed to providing accurate and transparent information to ensure the well-being of our travellers.

The reality is that we live in an ever-changing world, and nowhere is truly safe, including the places we call home. We recommend conducting your own comprehensive research to put yourself at ease. The internet offers abundant citizen-led safety advice that can be valuable. Additionally, we strongly advise travelling with insurance coverage at all times, regardless of your destination. We partner with an insurance provider that supports trips to our destinations.

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