Immerse yourself in the vibrant streets of Beirut with our exclusive and best-selling Beirut Bites adventure. This 3-7km walking* experience takes you to some of our favourite tucked-away back-street eateries and hidden gems in Beirut, offering the best way to discover the city’s culinary delights. Wander through hidden alleyways and sample mouthwatering delicacies that only locals know about. As you navigate the bustling city, we’ll also take you to the iconic Revolution Square, the heart of the protest grounds, where you’ll gain insight into the revolutionary spirit, progressive movements, and architectural reclaims shaping modern Beirut.

Our Beirut Bites tours typically start at 10 am and conclude around 2 pm for the half-day experience and 5 pm for the full day experience. The price includes generous tastings, refreshments and a sit-down meal with Arak for the full-day experience. We can customise any of the experiences to accommodate customer timing (private only), dietary guidelines, and other personal preferences. Additionally, we can adapt the tour to a partial walking experience and adjust as needed based on the guests’ preferences and comfort level.

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