We offer unique wine experiences tailored to all tastes and schedules. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick adventure or a full-weekend immersion, we’ve got just the thing to tantalise your senses. We don’t whisk you off to the well-known commercial vineyards because you can explore those on your own. Instead, we provide fully facilitated experiences which give you access to Lebanon’s burgeoning wine scene through our close relationships with key winemakers.

Here are the four regional Wine Wanders we offer in Lebanon:

  1. Mt. Lebanon region – Delve into 2-3 of the region’s lesser-known boutique wineries.
  2. The Beqa’a region – Explore 2-3 of the region’s best-kept boutique wineries. And of course, no wine wander is complete without a visit to the Temple of Bacchus at Ba’albek!
  3. The Northern region – Uncover 2-3 hidden gem boutique wineries in the North, with a brewery visit and a sunset stopover in Byblos, if time allows.
  4. The Southern region – Experience 2-3 of Lebanon’s lesser-known Southern vineyards.

Each wine wander is a full-day excursion, typically starting at 9 am and wrapping up around 7 pm. We can also arrange them back-to-back into a vino odyssey with overnight stays at local bed & breakfasts or boutique hotels.

Prices include private transportation to and from Beirut (we can organise other pick-up locations), a customised itinerary, a mini vino booklet and lunch suggestions.

Additional costs may include wine tasting fees (where applicable), Ba’albek entrance fee (if applicable), lunch and refreshments, and a discretionary driver’s tip. We don’t handle payments directly with vineyards or dining establishments unless we’re leading an accompanied guided tour. If that piques your interest, feel free to ask about transforming any of these experiences into an all-inclusive guided tour.

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