As the saying goes, ‘big things come in small packages’, and nowhere is this more true than in Lebanon! Nestled between the glistening Mediterranean Sea and the Anti-Lebanon mountains,  Lebanon, a small country in West Asia, is renown for leaving a big mark on anyone lucky enough to really make its acquaintance.

While it has all the mainstay offerings of any popular tourist destination;  sun, sea, breathtaking natural and cultural landscapes, a rich and deeply layered history and of course exquisite food, it is not these common attributes that leave a lingering and intoxicating taste on many an intrepid traveller.

At once beguiling and confounding, Lebanon broadens your horizons like most places can’t. It seduces all the senses injecting explorers with its vibrant and dazzling energy, laissez-faire chaos and jaw-dropping tales of strife, toxic resilience and adaptability.

Join Bethany on this deeply immersive trip not for the parties and glitz and glamour of the bubbles in Beirut and elsewhere but rather to go beyond your boundaries and experience what makes this place, its people and its culture so special. What keeps its heart beating despite all the heartbreak it faces.

During this weeklong to fortnight odyssey, we will spend a couple of nights at her family farmhouse, eating and cooking from the land  exploring local specialities as well as the highlands, and lowland village. We will then road-trip over into the Beqaa valley visiting unique, boutique vineyards passing through the towering and astonishingly well preserved ruins of Ba’albeck as well as settling in with sheep herders and unique cheese makers in the remote corners of the North. A tour of Beirut and its street food- the popular Beirut Bites tour offering from Taste Lebanon- will not be missed. Sea and pebbles will also feature and naturally pied-dans-l’eau dining too.

A little mystery is essential for true exploration, so we will leave every detail to be discovered during our rendezvous. Suffice to say, you can expect authentic local experiences, inspiring activities and enough down time to really relax and soak it all in.

Ahla w Sahla, we look forward to hosting you in our Lebanon.

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